Hi, my name is Carl Simard.

I’m a creative human using his free time and budget to express himself.

Since I was young, I’ve always liked to tell stories using images, sound, or objects to translate my imaginary world. As a teenager I experimented with a video camera. It’s only later on in my life that I’ve bought a video camera. From there, my passion started to burn and require more time and resource.

I do mostly everything by myself: screenplay, camera shot, lighting, sound, editions, special effect, 2D/3D animation, grading. When I work with others, I’m trying to be an easy going person. Teamwork is essential in video production. I’m also careful to listen. A creative spark may come from anyone.

I’m doing video because I love it. I’m trying to translate the stories, the characters, the pictures in the artistic form of a video so I can sleep. Often, ideas are there and obsess me until I made them appear. Sometimes it’s a phrase. Another time it’s a picture. And then, the rest of the story slowly appears.

I’m pretty open-minded and eclectic. Anything can influence me. It could be nature, philosophy, computer games, SF and Fantasy films, any “wow” that attracts my attention.

I invite you to contact me and comment on any of my work using social media or my email carl.simard at aeindel.com.